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What is Qi - Qualify your innovation?

Qi is a process that covers the phase between an idea for a new product or business and the start of a project. This process includes methodology to
evaluate the maturity of ideas (Qi module CHECK IN),
massage and mature ideas to strong concepts (Qi module WORK OUT), and
make sound investment decisions for new product development projects (Qi module STOP or GO)
The process is supported by an App that provides tools, knowledge and guidance to get the early innovation phase right.
At the moment, the Qi module STOP or GO is available. This module supports decision makers to come to strong, sustainable decisions to initiate a project or kill the idea. It is also useful for investment decisions later in a Stage-Gate® innovation process as it enables "gates with teeth".
The full process will be available later in 2021. If you are interested in receiving updates on the further development of Qi - Qualify your innovation, please subscribe our newsletter.
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Gates with teeth make all the difference

Qi define needed resources
Are you running too many product innovation projects in parallel? Many companies do. But are you aware of the consequences this might have on your innovation performance?
The necessary resources are not available as planned and agreed. Projects take longer.
If project teams nevertheless try to stick to the original schedules - adopted under the assumption of sufficient resources - they run the risk of getting overworked, and usually the quality of the project work suffers. This in turn lowers the success probability of the project and, in the worst case, ends up in flops in the market that could have been avoided.
In addition to the financial loss and possible damage to the company's image, there is also the risk of losing top-class project leaders and team members. Either they get sick due to the constant overload or leave the company in frustration.
Gates with Teeth are key to balance the number of active product innovation projects with available resources. Learn more how to run Gates with Teeth.

How do you recognize well working gates with teeth?

First, gates are no milestones. They should not be misused for learning about the actual status of a project or for reviewing if time and budget targets have been met. The purpose of a gate is to make a tough decision whether to invest into the next phase of a project or not. In case of the decision to further invest, the decision makers transfer the necessary resources to the project team.
What characterizes a well working gate meeting?
The right participants: a small interdisciplinary team of "gatekeepers" who have the expertise and competence to make the necessary investment decision as a team at the meeting; members of the project team and a facilitator who moderates the meeting.
A defined procedure to ensure efficient discussions, a sound evaluation and decisions taken holistically. The procedure is supported by agreed on best practice methods and a on the run documentation including the most important insights and the decisions.
A gate meeting lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the project and the dis-/agreement of the gatekeepers.
The result of a good gate meeting is an agreed and jointly owned decision whether to move forward or not, and - in case of yes - which resources shall be dedicated to the next phase of the project.
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