Learn more Qualify your innovation Turn your ideas into strengths and focus on the right ones! Stop or Go? "Prof. Dr. Robert G. Cooper" Learn more Gate decisions make all the difference
between winning and losing at product
assists in taking agreed and jointly owned decisions about innovation projects. Learn more process uses hard facts and soft skills and brings head and heart together. the

Weak gate decisions?

Are your gates backward looking (make sure that the team did what they were supposed to do) instead of forward looking investment and resource allocation meetings?

Once a product development project has been started, will it be continued no matter how it’s attractiveness evolves?

Are you running too many product development projects in parallel and do they take too long?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, check the potential of good gating for your innovation performance.

With good gating you will experience

significantly faster projects – good gatekeepers report up to 30% acceleration

a project portfolio with more valuable product development projects

less poorly performing new products

entrepreneurial thinking within the project teams

Break free from mediocrity to excellence in product innovation, by making the gates work!

With the know-how of five is and our innovative software tool we make your gates work.

a best practice gate meeting procedure …

consulting to install well working gates within the current new product processes (definition of gatekeepers, deliverables, rules of the game, etc.)

a user-friendly app that ensures discipline and makes the gate procedure a clear, streamlined, smooth experience.

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